Welcome to Consultancy Jan Reedijk 
 I am available for consultancy to companies and governmental services on matters regarding metals and ligands, and their possible applications in medicine, catalysis, environment and molecular materials, and for science evaluations; my recent and earlier papers can be consulted at the website link given here. For activities related to the International Year of the Periodic Table, see a separate subpage.
I am registered with the Chamber of Commerce, NL: 2818456

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Scientific, Legal and Technological Advice on Metals and Ligands
The field of coordination chemistry deals with (heavy) metals and their binding to (organic) molecules (called: Ligands).  When the ligands play a role in living systems, like proteins or nucleic acids, the field is called bioinorganic chemistry.

For  questions on matters of ligands and metals I can be consulted by email to consultancy@jan-reedijk.nl or via my office at Leiden University, phone +31715274459 or email: reedijk@chem.leidenuniv.nl